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    Thursday, March 20, 2008

    Harihaddir Char, Manikganj, Bangladesh, June 2006

    A Place where You Can Hear Music in the Air

    10 June 2006

    It was a rainy day. And it really rained all day, intermittently. But it was a journey that was well worth the effort we put into. We were already quite a bit into our journey before the real journey began from Jhitka Bazar. From Dhaka to Manikganj, and from Manikganj to Jhitka Bazar already took us several hours. But when we boarded the boat at Jhitka, it was the start of a new chapter; a whole new journey and a whole new story.

    Did I say it rained all day? Wasn't enough said though. It was the rainy season; so, what did we expect?

    The Ichhamoti River or Ilshamoti River, as they call it, falls into the mighty Padma. It brings all the benefits, as well as dangers that go with the mighty Padma.

    This is a part of the world where water plays a very important part in people's lives. Most of the economic activities are dependent on water in some way or the other.

    This is where the mighty Padma meets the Ichhamoti.

    The Padma gives all. But it also leaves its mark on the surrounding landscape.

    Preparing for the upcoming battle with nature. They have to be well prepared.

    The endless Padma. It really takes some effort to see anything on the other side.

    Harihaddir Char. This is an island in the middle of the mighty Padma. A place where one can feel the green warmth of nature.

    Leaving our mark. At least for the moment. It would be worth going back trying to discover the mark!!

    The broken coast. The Padma reminds.

    The unforgettable island. It will remain in memory forever.

    Leaving the place was difficult. It had that magical magnetic appeal! Have to go there again; just have to!

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    1. Ahmed ji, nice photos. Do you visit Manikganj often. Do you have any pictures of the town itself? On the same note, would you have any pictures of Teota Rajbari and Navaratna mandir? Thanks.